The Prom (2020)

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Posted on Mar 4, 2021

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Down-on-their-luck Broadway stars shake up a small Indiana town as they rally behind a teen who wants to go to the prom with her girlfriend.

Go to option 1 if you love musicals, anything sprinkled with glitter and jazz hands

Go to option 2 if you do not like musicals, despise glitter and think jazz hands are absolutely ridiculous (and not in a good way)

Option 1

The film is utterly ridiculous from start to finish. It’s by far one of the most camp films I have ever seen, and I live for it. For me, this film should be started with zero expectations. If you’re able to ignore the backlash from top critics and it’s absolutely bizarre and unwarranted golden globe nominations, then you will enjoy this film, albeit you won’t be ‘wowed’.

The underlying notion of the film has a hard hitting message which I admired, but in places, contradicted itself. The plot is centered (or attempts to) around a girl called Emma who is unable to attend prom with her girlfriend because the high school’s PTA decided so. Broadway stars at the low point of fame and accolade attempt to help Emma in a bid to appear less narcissistic and gain publicity.

Originating from the UK and growing up with Gavin & Stacey, I did unfortunately find it hard to adjust to James Cordon’s character, even though it was well acted and at parts, expressed raw emotion. Nicole Kidman was well…. there. Unless the topic was close to her heart and she expressed interest in the role, I am bemused why they’d cast such a big name in such a small role. Meryl Streep on the other hand was well… Meryl. I do feel biased to the point that the 71 year old queen can do nothing wrong in my eyes, so maybe the less I say the better! The film did appear like the Meryl show at times and did make me forget about the political message, so this could have been directed and produced a little better.

Overall, the message is very close to my heart, which is why I’m giving the film three stars.

Option 2

Do not watch this film at all costs, unless you fancy being tortured. For you, option two’s the film would get a 0 or 1 star.

“We aren’t monsters. We’re cultural disrupters.” – Dee Dee Allen

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