Ava (2020)

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Posted on Dec 20, 2020

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An assassin becomes marked for death by her own black ops organization after questioning orders and breaking protocol.

This film had the potential to be a great repeat of a concept we’ve all seen and heard of many times before. The badass female lead character has a sweet childhood and over-achieves at school… but then disaster strikes with a tragic drink-drive incident, leading Ava to become more of a badass by joining the military. Honorably discharged due to her volatile and unpredictable nature, she then consumes herself back into substance and alcohol abuse. An assassin agency then hires Ava as a field agent, known throughout the film as ‘the organization’. The following synopsis of the movie has been plucked from the opening credits. I mean, who wedges in the full back story into the opening credits? Unless it allows us to create a platform as an audience to revert back to why Ava does what she does?

Well, it didn’t! From the first scene, the relationship between events and people was odd and the outcomes predictable. The relationship between the Duke (John Malkovich) and Ava Faulkner (Jessica Chastain) had no back story until the film concluded that Ava has severe daddy issues and ultimately the Duke who was her trainer/handler (again I’m unsure) became a father figure. But it wasn’t believable. The story boils down to Ava breaking protocol by talking to her marks prior to assassinating them. We don’t know why this is such a big deal but this creates anger between Simon (Colin Farrell) and the Duke. Simon is a former trainee of the Duke, is seemingly jealous or potentially worried that Ava will give the organization up due to her precarious nature, so sets his mark to remove her.

The love triangle between Ava’s sister (Judy Faulkner) and her partner Michael (Common) left nothing to the imagination. Prior to this storyline, the film was promising. By promising I mean, one of those films you’d watch and think ‘that was okay but nothing special’. The fight scenes were good but never got me excited. For such a star-studded cast, the film had no depth or concrete idea of a plot. Leaving the review on a good note, Colin Farrell can rock a turtleneck and mustache… who knew!

Why does someone want you dead? – Ava

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